We will explain in a simple way how to downgrade the firmware of the skateboard Xiaomi M365 a very popular model that allows multiple modifications. As we will see, the process is simple but like all modifications, it may have some risk for our product, as we always recommend DO NOT DO DOWNGRADE if we do not know the scooter well.

  • NOTE: Elewheels.com is not responsible for any problem generated by this manual

Initial requirements

Fuses in scooter

  • It is necessary that our Xiaomi M365 scooter has two fuses.
  • All models sold officially outside China with the national certification seal have 2 fuses.
  • Chinese models and since the end 2017 can have a single fuse.
  • You can look at the serial number XXXXX / ZZZZZZZZ and make sure that the value XXXXX is 16133 or 16132
  • In the following video you can see where the fusibles are located physically, it is not easy to check it.

Firmware compilation

From the web m365.botox.bz we can compile the firmware with the features we want by selecting several options.

  • Firmware version that you want to cook, the results may vary depending on our scooter and driving:
    – v1.3.8 = is a more balanced consumption system but 50% lower overall performance.
    – v1.3.0 = is a system with a higher power and endures performance up to 30%.
  • KERS – It is the recharging system and the speed at which the brake is started when not accelerating (+30 Kmh deactivates the Kers)
  • Maximum speed in mode – It will not exceed 30 Kmh without physical modification of the scooter / 35Kmh with extra external battery.
  • Maximum speed in ECO – A mode at which speed the low consumption model will be activated.
  • Speed ​​needed to start the engine – It is the speed at which the engine will start.
  • Engine power
    – Lower = More power (too much power consumes a lot of battery)
    – More power = More motor brake – There is a direct relationship and also an increase in consumption.
    – It is recommended to stay above 32000 or 36025.
    – If we weigh from 95Kg upward maybe we should go down to 30000.
    – Hack modes and default values ​​can be used, the result varies depending on our taste.
  • Copy the Zip file on the smartphone that we use to flash the firmware.
  • If this tutorial has been useful for you, make a donation to BotoXbz

Update process

  • We need to download the M365 DownG application and install it on our mobile.
    If the application has been useful, make a donation to CamiAlfa.
  • Activate airplane mode on our mobile to avoid interference when flashing.
  • Disconnect all accessories from the scooter as screens.
  • Click on Connect and connect with our scooter.
    – Check the version of BMS, Bluetooth (BLE) and Driver (DRV).
  • Click on Open and select the Bin files.
    – The BMS version must be 115, you can update it from this app.
    – The BLE version is recommended version 072.
    – The DRV version that we have compiler (we recommend 130).
    – Source for the bin files in Telegram channel
  • Click on Load to update the Firmware.
  • We wait for the system to restart and with Check See we can check the version.

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    Hi I have a new xiaomi m365 this week. I’ve ordered a new dashboard upgrade and I’m looking for some help with software. My ESC is 1015 ,BLE 0081, BMS 0126, and v.1.5.2. Any help you could give me would be very helpful. I’m willing to pay for your help as this email is about my limit on a computer. Please get in touch coz I’m stuck with out help. Cheers dean

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    J.AvaDeja Leah Reply

    Anybody seen a video that might walk me through this process? I really want to learn how to do this.

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