A new electric bicycle called Alfawise X2 has been presented at the Gerbest.com store. A model with interesting features that also stands out for its design. The specifications of this model also have their appeal as we can see below, a folding model that is quite reduced in the folding position.


The Alfawise X2 model is a folding electric bicycle but only on its handlebars, it is made of aluminum and has a weight of 30 Kg. Inside we have a 10.4Ah / 48V batteries have a range of up to 40 km depending on the mode of use and with a time 4 hours charge from scratch. It has a motor with a power of 350W that reaches a maximum speed of 35 km/h and is capable of climbing slopes of up to 25% of unevenness.

The wheels of this bicycle have a size of 26″ and include disc brake on both wheels. The dimensions of this folded bike are 103 x 37 x 104 cm and it has different measurement regulation systems to fit our size. The maximum weight allowed by this bike is 150Kg, it has a Shimano 21-speed gearbox and mounts an LCD panel that gives us all the live information of the bike.

Price on offer

  • Alfawise X2 can be purchased at Gearbest.com only for $799.99 (€732.6) including shipping.

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